Help Wanted for Faction Creation (Ad)

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Help Wanted for Faction Creation (Ad)

Post  Loctus on Thu Jan 07, 2010 8:03 am

I the bounty hunter Locutus is planning on making a faction soon and i need 4 people, well 2, but 4 new players to help provide credits for this faction, as of now people that join will be part of my bounty group trying to make credits, i will provide some comforts, such as my ship will be your home untill you can afford a nice ship, i might provide a small fighter.

Faction Minimum Requirments:
Must be alive (currently in the game)
Must not be in galactic jail (you might be able to join once you are free)
Must be able to eather pilot or command a ship/fleet

Recomended Requirments:
may have 5,000 credits
may be able to lead combat situations and not lose

(the government will be a mix of republic, democratic, and dictatorship)
many jobs will soon be avalible

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