Mon Calamari

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Mon Calamari

Post  Guest on Sun Jul 12, 2009 1:08 am

Ownership: New Republic
Income Per Two Weeks: 2,000 Credits

Status: Owned


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Re: Mon Calamari

Post  John Borrego on Sun Oct 11, 2009 10:02 pm

Advanced City
Includes: Light Ground Vehicle Yard, Heavy Ground Vehicle yard,
Jedi Temple, Advanced Mining Facility, Starfighter Shipyard
Days To Build: 15
Cost: 4,000 Credits

Trade Outpost
Benefits: Allows trade to be conducted on the planet.
Brings in an extra 300 Credits per week
Hull: 150
Days to Build: 2
Cost: 600 Credits

Benefits: Allows ships of Starfighter and Escort/Transport Class to land on planets.
Brings in an extra 150 Credits per week
Hull: 125
Days to Build: 1
Cost: 700 Credits

Transport Shipyard
Weapons: None
Hull: 450
Shields: 100
Research Cost: DONE
Allows Transport Ships of any Class to be built
Days to Research: DONE
Days to Build: 4

MD-12 Missile Defense Satellite
2x Concussion Missile Launchers
Hull: 200
Shields: 100
Research Cost: DONE
Days to Research: DONE
Days to Build: 3

Capital Shipyard
Weapons: None
Hull: 700
Shields: 150
Research cost: 8,000 Credits
Allows Capital Ships of any class to be built
Days to Research: DONE
Days to Build: DONE
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