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Site/Chat Rules

Post  Marro Dayre on Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:18 pm

Forum Rules and Guidelines

SW:DOF is a forum that is kept clean and friendly for all people to use. This is not a forum for spammers, people who use chatspeak as their main language or people come to flame others or to disrupt the general community. We pride ourselves on our acceptance and ability to all fit in with each other with no fears of being bullied or pushed around. So the rules are fairly simple and also fairly relaxed.

At SW:DOF, we do not:
Spam to excess, spam attack or post with intent on spam
Flame others users
Insult with intent to hurt
Commit Racism, Bigotry, Sexism, Liable, Slander, Hate Literature, Plagiarism (Immediate Banning is Result)
Hacking (Immediate Banning is result)

However, contrary to most forums, we do have certain exceptions to a few of the above rules. The best rule of thumb here is use your judgment and common sense.

For the most part, each situation is deal with according to how the staff feels it should best be dealt with. Generally there is a three strike system, first strike is a warning by a staff member via PM, the second is a temporary ban judged by the staff and the third is a permanent banning from the forum.

The Chat box uses the exact same rules as the forum. Strong language will not be tolerated, especially if directed to another user. The result will most likely be a temp ban for the first offense. This is categorized under flaming.

Should any event occur in this game that followed all rules (ie a player dies) than that is what happens. If you can't handle that then you will not be allowed to play. It's only a game so there's no need to get pissed if your character dies.


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