fleet contact lost

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fleet contact lost

Post  Commissar Cain on Sat Jan 09, 2010 12:21 am

a alliance officer in a control tower on correlia.
"okay people the empire fleet should arrive in 50 seconds."
40 seconds pass.



"there's nothing there!?"
"where are the empire ships!?"

lanu pasiq stands on the brige.
"start recording."
video becomes fuzzy and blurred.
"I, lanu pasq, %$!!&^!++++ of the emp1r10-3014l103-2140-94ekq2iu1864sn5ka12w4bdak
the fleet will be stuck in hyperspace for a indefeninte amout of time"141848afda-=1-1wsd01401804282983
the video becomes undreadable.


(i'm going on camp for a week so, uh my characters stuck hyperspace intill i get back.)
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