To the people of Dantooine and the Alliance

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To the people of Dantooine and the Alliance

Post  Marro Dayre on Mon Jan 04, 2010 1:49 pm

The Empire is a government that has maintained strict hold over its systems, especially in the past few years since the war with the Alliance. However, despite the impass reached by both parties, it is apparent that some wish to rebel against the glourious unit known as the Empire. The Empire offers peace and security in its systems, and relatively low taxes. Despite that, the people of Dantooine seem to not hve gotten the message, and have revolted and changed their allegiances over to the Alliance. Grand Moff Dayre is on his way to Dantooine with an escort of ships, and intends to see that the planet stays with the right faction, and that such incidents are not repeated on Dantooine or on any other planet.

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