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Temporary Holding Cell
Description: This is a prison that can hold only a few people and isn't well defended.
Holds: 5 Players (max)
Hull: 50
Security Level: 1
Cost: 50 Credits
Days to Build: 1

General Holding Facility
Description: For holding larger groups of people that have minor charges against them, essentially a waiting room with bars. Usually used for people awaiting bail.
Holds: 20 Players (max)
Hull: 75
Security Level: 1
Cost: 150 Credits
Days to Build: 1

Long Term Prison
Description: For holding players with long sentences and little to no chance of parole
Holds: 50 Players (max)
Hull: 225
Security Level 3
Cost: 800 Credits
Days to Build: 3

Maximum Security Prison
Description: For the utmost dangerous criminals in the galaxy
Holds: 10 Players (Max)
Hull: 600
Security Level 5
Cost: 1,800 Credits
Days to Build: 5

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